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Philharmonic BMR Monitors

Designed by Dennis Murphy (Philharmonic Audio), the BMR's have gained a reputation for providing a level of performance previously available only in a premium tower speaker, but at substantially lower price.

Balanced Mode Radiator

The BMR midrange is a flat-diaphragm driver that features greatly reduced breakup and extremely broad dispersion above 2,000 Hz.

The result is smooth, peak-free response with great off-axis performance.

RAAL ribbon tweeter

The RAAL 64-10 tweeter uses a narrow ribbon element for great off-axis response and highly detailed and transparent top end.

This brings out the rich detail of the overtone structure of instruments and is like a crystal-clear window into the sound.

SB Acoustics Woofer

This is the latest iteration of the classic BMR Monitor uses a 6" SB Acoustics woofer with a ceramic coated cone. It is higher in sensitivity than the original ScanSpeak woofer (shown in photos below) and is smoother on the top end.

BMR Monitors

The Story
Dennis Murphy developed these monitors based around the Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) drivers. These flat cone drivers have very smooth response with great off-axis performance. The design became very popular on several audio forums and received a rave review from James Larson of Audioholics.

When Dennis decided to temporarily close shop at Philharmonic Audio, he suggested we add the speaker to our offerings since it is a very capable monitor at a very reasonable price. Not wanting to see this design fade away, we decided to do just that.

We're happy to be able to build this model for anyone looking for an excellent 3-way monitor speaker at an attractive cost.


BMR Monitors



BMR's get rave review
"Their bass extension is the best I have seen from a bookshelf speaker, and the bass quality itself is superb...I can’t really pick out a standout aspect of its sound quality because it does everything so well. They are one of, if not the most linear speakers I have yet measured.

...those looking for a high-quality and very high-fidelity loudspeaker that they will end up listening to often should give the BMR Philharmonitors a very close look because for most people I am sure they will absolutely be keepers."

James Larson

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BMR Monitors


Model BMR Monitors
Design 3-way ported
Tweeter RAAL ribbon
Midrange Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR)
Woofer SB Acoustics 6" woofer with ceramic coated cone
Response +/- 3db 34Hz - 20kHz
Sensitivity 87 dB
Impedance 6 ohms
Amplification 100 watts
Alignment Ported
Dimensions 8" W x 20" H x 12-1/2" D
Weight 32 pounds
Price$2695 per pair in black satin or white finish

$3095 per pair in a standard veneer **

Custom veneer or automotive finishes quoted on request.
* All dimensions in inches.
** Standard finishes include curly maple, curly cherry, curly walnut, oak and straight mahogany. Wood veneers can also be dyed. So, for example, you can have deep rose-red curly cherry or electric blue curly maple. See gallery for examples.

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