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SoundScape 8 overview the story When working on the SoundScape M7 design, we decided to build a pair of floor-standing speakers with dual 7” drivers.  Since we were designing speakers primarily for surround duty, bass extension was not critical (they would typically be used with a subwoofer). So we ported the cabinets and tuned them to an F3 of 45Hz.  As details of the project leaked out, people began to ask about the possibility of using these speakers as left and right mains.  Of course that would be possible.  But they would be somewhat expensive and would only play to 45Hz.  We thought that anyone spending that kind of money would want a speaker that played deeper. So we decided to develop a new, less expensive SoundScape model using dual 8” woofers.  the plan of attack In order to keep costs lower, we developed a cabinet design that incorporated the same basic ideas used in the development of the SoundScape 10’s and 12’s, but in a more normal rectangular format.  The SoundScape 8’s would use the same RAAL ribbon tweeter, the same Accuton midrange and the same 12” passive radiators.  The midrange would be an open-backed design similar to other SoundScape speakers.  The only difference would be that we would use two 8” drivers rather than a single 10” or 12”. the results Using a pair of 8” woofers resulted in two basic differences between this model and the larger SoundScape models.  The SoundScape 8’s are more sensitive - about 87db vs. 84db for the 10’s and 86db for the 12’s, so they require less power.  And they play down to an F3 of 25Hz rather than 22Hz for the 10’s and 18Hz for the 12’s. And, of course, the SoundScape 8’s are less costly than the SoundScape 10’s or 12’s. SoundScape 8 price/performance We expect this new member of the SoundScape family to be among our most popular designs, setting a new price/performance standard in our SoundScape line. We hope you enjoy our new SoundScape 8 model as much as we have developing this revolutionary new design.    Happy Listening!
a revolutionary new SoundScape design...  classic SoundScape performance in a smaller form factor
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