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NEW: Audioholics lists the Silk Monitors among the “Best Loudpseakers in the World”   >|  read more  
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We Hand-Craft World-class speaker systems,  Customized to your heart's content. Whether you're looking for an audiophile-class  music system or an engaging cinematic experience, you've come to the right place. We'll help turn your dreams into reality!
High-performance designs...
The award-winning SongTower QWT's, featuring a specially-designed transmission line cabinet and sets a new price/performance standard.                      >|  click for more  
Our high-resolution series features drivers chosen from among the world's finest. A full range of world-class Veracity models, including the highly acclaimed Veracity HT3's, can be fully customized to your individual taste and style.                    >|  click for more
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Our flagship speaker line.  World-class SoundScape models were designed to take advantage of cutting-edge technology and provide unsurpassed performance.                      >|  click for more  
We offer a wide range of additional designs too numerous to                      >|  click for more  
The latest addition to our SoundScape line is bound to be a real winner. Combine the same RAAL ribbon, Accuton mid and dual-opposed passive radiators as in our SoundScape 10’s and 12’s with dual 8” woofers and you have a powerhouse that plays flat to 25Hz.  This is bound to be one of our most popular models ever. >|  click for more 
NEW!! Seas of Norway applied 60 years of audio engineering experience to the development of a new line of ultra high-end transducers. Now we’ve taken our Exotica Reference Monitor and turned it into a full-range 3- way! At 92db sensitivity, the EXOTICAs are equally at home with moderately powered tube or solid state amplification. >|  click for more 
SoundScape 8 in Matador Red Mica
Servo-controlled subwoofers for deep, accurate, low-distortion musical bass.                      >|  click for more
Want the performance of the Veracity HT2-TL’s in a size roughly the same as a pair of standard SongTowers? If so, the new Veracity ST’s are for you!                    >|  click for more
Veracity ST
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NEW - High-value 3way
NEW - Active Monitors
Launched at AXPONA 2016 to rave reviews, this new design was 2 years in the making. The challenge was to create a 3-way speaker under $3,000 that we would feel comfortable putting our name on. We are happy to report that this design met all of our criteria and then some. This will undoubtedly be one of our most popular designs in the coming years. >|  click for more 
Using the power of digital signal processing, we created an active, self-powered monitor whose performance belies their relatively small size. By using DSP to design an active crossover, we were able to achieve the flattest frequency response of any speaker we have ever produced. No DAC, preamp or amps are required.  Plug in your TV, CD player and computer into these speakers and you are good to go.  You can remotely control power, input selection and volume.